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Does Your Garage Door Motor Need Replacement?

Garage doors are one of those things most of us probably never think about… right up until the moment they fail on us. We take them for granted every day, which is completely understandable, but the fact of the matter is that they’re still machines that require maintenance and attention. There are a number of parts that can fail or otherwise start to break down, and the garage door motor in Scottsdale, AZ is one of the pieces we encourage our customers to keep an eye on to prevent minor repairs from turning into major ones. Read on for a few signs you can watch for to know whether your garage door motor is starting to break down.

Warning sign #1: Vibrating when operating

Every now and then, you should watch your garage door motor as the door opens and closes, and really pay attention to it. This doesn’t have to be a daily ritual, but doing it every week or so can help you better notice when things start to go awry. If you notice your opener is vibrating when it’s opening or closing the door, this could be a sign that you have a failing garage door motor in Scottsdale, AZ and will likely need to consider changing it out in the near future. This vibration can also be due to issues with the mounting system. In any case, it’s important to call up the pros to determine the true cause of vibrations.

Warning sign #2: Loud noises

When it comes to appliance and machinery repair, our ears can be one of our biggest sources of information—even if we’re far from being experts on the machines in question. People are usually surprised at how soon they can hear abnormalities in machine operation, and garage doors are no exception. If your garage door is making unusual sounds or seems excessively loud, this usually means that it’s laboring due to age or deterioration. The next step is usually to replace the motor in your garage door in Scottsdale, AZ.

Warning sign #3: The door moves sluggishly

If your garage door seems like it’s taking forever to open or close, you might not be imagining things. A garage door motor in Scottsdale, AZ that’s on its last legs will start to have trouble raising and lowering the door. Typically, this means it will soon require replacement, so don’t delay in executing this repair.

At Affordable Garage Doors, replacing a garage door motor is a relatively simple repair for our technicians, many of whom have been in this business for decades. If you notice a warning sign like any of those mentioned above, this means the motor is probably on its way out, and your best bet is to call us so we can replace it before it actually fails and leaves you in a bind. We’ve worked with countless customers on garage door repairs, and our track record of service speaks for itself—call us today to schedule an appointment!


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