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Garage Door Spring Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

The torsion spring(s) that powers your garage door’s counterbalance system is a crucial part of its operation. Torsion springs take the burden of the door’s weight off the motor. If a spring breaks or isn’t coiled properly, it’ll put undue strain on your motor leading to burnout or other issues. Affordable Garage Doors is standing by to make sure you get the garage door spring repair you need to keep your overhead door functioning efficiently.


We travel throughout Scottsdale, AZ, tending to garage door springs of all sizes and types. Our trucks are fully stocked with different springs, ensuring your door gets the proper coil to support the door’s size and heft, and to unburden your garage door motor.

Signs of a Failing Torsion Spring

The most common sign of a broken torsion spring is a garage door that just won’t open. The weight of the door overpowers the motor, which means you’ll hear the motor trying to raise the door, but it won’t move. If this is happening to you, go into your garage and look up over the closed door, where the spring is located. If it’s broken or loosely coiled, the problem will be easy to see.

Sometimes, torsion springs will begin to fail due to wear or improper installation, and won’t necessarily break. Here are a few signs of a faulty spring that’s on its way out:

Failing torsion springs are easy to diagnose and easy to fix—you just need to call the right professional! We service doors throughout Scottsdale, AZ, bringing springs in all sizes and thicknesses with us to every jobsite. We’ll inspect your faulty or broken spring and get the correct replacement installed quickly.

We’re the Counterbalance Experts

Our approach to garage door spring replacement is comprehensive. That means we take the time to make sure your entire counterbalance system is properly calibrated. After we replace the damaged spring(s), we inspect the counterbalance system while the door is stationary and while it’s in motion, to ensure every component is functioning as it should be.

Proper counterbalance repair reduces the strain on your motor, which can prevent costlier and more complicated issues from arising over time. We’ll give your torsion springs and counterbalance the attention they deserve. The result is a door that moves fluidly, with minimal noise and no strain on the vital systems that keep it running.

Quick and Easy Spring Replacement

Replacing a torsion spring is a delicate process that needs to be undertaken with precision and care. Call Affordable Garage Doors and we’ll make sure the job is done right. We’ll remove the old spring and replace it with a new one that’s properly wound to support proper motor function and to support your counterbalance system. Reach us today at (602) 920-5100 to schedule spring replacement.


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