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Advances in Garage Door Technology

While most people assume that an industry like garage doors probably stays fairly consistent over the years, this could actually not be further from the truth. Advancements in technology and garage doors in Scottsdale, AZ have been paying dividends for our customers for decades, and not just when it comes to looks. Manufacturers and their new inventions offer safer products made out of new materials for lower prices than ever before, and our customers at Affordable Garage Doors can reap the benefits of these developments.

We are happy to keep our customers at the cutting edge of garage door technology, since it means we can deliver a higher level of service to all of our customers. Here’s a closer look at a few of the biggest developments that have taken place in recent years.

Rolling code technology

We all probably take for granted that our garage door remotes will work whenever we hit the little button as we pull into the driveway. This happens because the opener and the remote are able to communicate with each other wirelessly, but this ability can actually be manipulated by bad actors. It’s possible to hack a garage door remote or opener, which could compromise the safety of your home and your family.

Fortunately, this problem has largely been stopped by the invention of rolling code technology. In other words, every time you press the button on the remote, a new code is generated that allows it to “speak” with the opener, making it essentially hacker proof.

Vacation locks

One advancement in garage door safety technology in Scottsdale, AZ that many customers could benefit from is a “vacation lock” feature. This means, if you’re leaving your home for any amount of time, whether it’s a few hours or a few weeks, you can set your garage door to not open under any circumstances during that period. The likelihood of someone being able to force their way into your garage or home is significantly reduced, lending you an added degree of peace of mind. In this regard especially, garage doors are not a static invention—they are constantly evolving to add safety and security features for homeowners to enjoy.

Flashlights added to remotes

While many of our customers have garages that are attached to their homes, others do not. This can make for a somewhat dangerous or tricky situation at night, as people try to navigate bumps in the pavement or the kids’ toys as they walk towards their house. Garage door manufacturers have caught up to this problem and installed flashlights directly into garage door remotes that drivers can bring along with them. This advance in technology and garage doors in Scottsdale, AZ means our clients can safely and quickly navigate dark spaces on their properties.

Working with customers to solve their garage door problems is what we’ve done for more than two decades at Affordable Garage Doors, and the methods for addressing these challenges frequently change for the better. These leaps forward in technology and garage doors in Scottsdale, AZ allow us to offer a higher level of service than ever before, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. To learn more about the latest in garage door technology, reach out ot us today!


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