Glendale Garage Door Repair

Your garage door is a major convenience… until it’s not. When it stops working properly or starts causing you headaches, call Affordable Garage Doors. Our goal is to keep your door working perfectly for years to come. That starts by delivering superior service and quality solutions. Contact us 24 hours a day and let our professionals go to work repairing and maintaining your door.

New garage door installed in Glendale, AZ

  • Garage door repairs:
    A well-functioning garage door is a safe one. If your door is creaking, squeaking or grinding, or unable to move at all, give us a call for garage door repair in Glendale, AZ. We’ll set it right to keep you safe.
  • Garage door installations:
    Tired of the constant repairs your current door needs? Let us outfit you with a new garage door installation in Glendale, AZ! We’ll walk you through the process, work within your budget and leave you with a great new door.
  • Garage door maintenance:
    Garage door maintenance is essential. Call us and we’ll make sure your door is thoroughly serviced from top to bottom. A simple maintenance appointment could mean preventing bigger, costlier problems later.
  • Garage door remotes:
    Your garage remote needs to work, otherwise your entire door becomes an inconvenience! We provide repairs and replacements for garage remotes, to keep everything working conveniently.
  • Springs and openers:
    We stock the essential springs and motor components to quickly and reliably repair your door’s mechanical systems. If there’s an issue with the opener or counterbalance, waste no time in calling us.

Need to schedule a garage door service appointment? We’re ready to set your garage door right again! Contact Affordable Garage Doors today at (602) 920-5100. Don’t forget to ask about our specials and discounts when you call.